100 Word Challenge Week #13

The duck racing season had begun and breeders had started getting the ducklings fed and trained for the qualifier race. In order to get entered the ducks will need to walk, fly, and swim along the route the birds will travel. The handler must feed the duck seeds and grains to give them energy. You must try very hard to teach fowl to race. The poor farmers had been teaching the ducks to follow the path quickly. On the day of the race a duck named little Pete won the ribbon. Pete and his owner were happy but they were exhausted.

Week #3 100 Word Challenge

The flight to Minnesota for the Super Bowl was cancelled and the passengers were restless trying to get seats on the next plane just in time for the second half. The richer ones abandoned the airport for yachts and "Jetted away" or went out and bought large screen T.V.'s. The lucky few who got seats had just made it at halftime, ready for what they craved to see, watching them throw and intercept, throw and score a touchdown. Thirty-seven seconds left and they're tied 80-80 the possessing team's wide receiver is open, ready and they threw a pass, but it seemed to be going backwards. Then, THE OTHER TEAM SCORED!